Original electronic and improvised music from The Netherlands

Null Void Order “Cheel Ghar”

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Ernst van der Loo’s (Ungrund) new Drone/Dark Ambient project launched its first release “Cheel Ghar”.
A two track album which lasts for 32 minutes. Get it as download or listen to it at Null Void Order’s Bandcamp
Also for sale as a professionally duplicated limited edition audio cassette!

Léon Spek – Resonances in metal

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“Resonances in metal” by Léon Spek (www.leonspek.nl) features two pieces with Léon’s invented instruments Ferrophone and Sonoplotter and computer processing.

Ferrophone is an instrument with two metal disk touching each other with two nails. Several playing techniques are used (bowing, brushing, rotating etc.) together with computer processing to explore the sonic possibilities of the Ferrophone.
Ferrophone was recorded live in KuS, Heerlen, NL (www.kunstencentrumsigne.nl)

Sonoplotter is built around its central steel disk that functions as a resonator and support for three springs. It is played using a rotating motorized bow and an electro-magnet. As with Ferrophone the computer is used to deeply transform and explore the sounds.
Sonoplotter was recorded live in Intro in Situ, Maastricht, NL (www.introinsitu.nl)

01.  Ferrophone [flac / mp3]
02.  Sonoplotter [flac / mp3]

printable cover

U N G R U N D – Unfused

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Ungrund Unfused was recorded live March 18th 2011 in De Vinger, The Hague.

Ungrund is:
It is availble in lossless .flac and .mp3.

01.      Unfused    [flac / mp3]

printable cover

Léon Spek – A Record

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Leon Spek - A Record

“A Record” is a collection of older acousmatic compositions by Léon Spek. Most of them were made during his time at the Institute of Sonology (The Hague, NL).

The sounding materials for both LEGO Drones pieces and Quanta were recorded in the voltage controlled analogue studio of the Institute of Sonology.

Both LEGO Drones pieces were made using a collection of control shapes to control several processes in the analogue studio.

Quanta was originally a quadrophonic piece, for this release a stereo mixdown was created.

The composition was sturctured using a 5 x 5 matrix from which sounds were taken roughly according to electron distribution probabilities from a hydrogen atom.

The sounds in the matrix were created from single starting layer that was processed 4 times to fill the 5 x 5 matrix.

Tokamak was created with sampled sounds from Léon Spek’s circuit bended instrument. The samples were treated with SuperCollider and manually edited in time to form the piece.

Local Overdensity is a little semi-algorithmic piece running from SuperCollider code. It uses synthesized sound next to some processed “Ferrofoon” samples.

See www.leonspek.nl for some pictures and info on the circuit bended instruments as well as Ferrofoon.

Léon Spek – A Record

1.  LEGO Drones [flac / mp3]
2.  Tokamak [flac / mp3]
3.  Local Overdensity [flac / mp3]
4.  LEGO Drones 2.1 [flac / mp3]
5.  Quanta [flac / mp3]

Link to big jpg of the cover.

U N G R U N D – Lullian Circle

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The Third Cycle remixed

Lullian Circle revolves around one simple idea: what happens with Ungrund in other people’s artistic blender.

Eight artist friends took the original “The Third Cycle” album and were free to transform it any way they wanted and to add their own input in the process.

The result is a fantastic album that shows a great variety in style, processing and intensity.

1. Unintro unmix GJOID (flac/mp3)
2. Gatekeeper Thijs Scheele (flac/mp3)
3. 48 impact hypotheses Alo Allik (flac/mp3)
4. Het nieuwe boven Dave Krooshof (flac/mp3)
5. Insect out Keir Neuringer (flac/mp3)
6. Burnished Kosmob0t (flac/mp3)
7. Unstorm unmix GJOID (flac/mp3)
8. Accidental order DogOvBabylon (flac/mp3)
9. Jesus Camp Dead Skull (flac/mp3)

Neon & Landa – Protostar

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Protostar is the first album of the sound art duo Neon & Landa.

Neon & Landa research musical forms with a bottom-up approach.
Finding new forms for instruments, redefining playing techniques while pushing the bounderies of improvisational and compositional thinking.

Their experimental use of materials and electronics leads to the creation of sound installations, sculptures, instruments and unconventional music.

1. Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking (flac / mp3)

2. Event Horizon (flac / mp3)

3. Hubble (flac / mp3)

4. Accretion Disc (flac / mp3)

5. Symmetry Restored (flac / mp3)

The FIRST release: U N G R U N D – The Third Cycle

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Time for the first release!

It’s available for download in lossless .flac files or lossy mp3. Pick what you like best!

U N G R U N D – The Third Cycle

1. Burnished   (flac / mp3)

2. Blue Swarm (flac / mp3)

3. Pre-Cycle (flac / mp3)

4. The Third Cycle At Lagrange Point (flac / mp3)

5 . Spectral Winter Part I (flac /mp3)

6. Spectral Winter Part II (flac / mp3)

Front Cover / Back Cover

Actually it’s technically a re-release, but technicalities don’t matter to Ungrund.

Ungrund is not distinguished by any clarity of precision, such as is characteristic to a concept.

UNGRUND came into being out of the unreasonable, the uncalculable, the surrealistic and the plain beastly side of the human spirit. Ungrund, as pure potency, is irrational and free. Out of it is born God. Since God does not create irrational freedom, He has no power over it and is not responsible for it. And it is irrational freedom which gives birth to music. It does this by violating the proper hierarchy of the world. Ungrund is a primordial meonic freedom, indeterminate even by God.

Ungrund is the Nothing, the groundless eye of eternity, yet together with this it is will, without foundation, unfathomable and indeterminate will. Ungrund is neither light, nor darkness, neither good, nor evil.

U N G R U N D is:

Ernst van der Loo: Max/MSP, Doepfer Analog Modular, Effectpedals & Clavia Micromodular

Léon Spek: Radioscillators, Supercollider & Effectpedals

Processed Recordings V2.0

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Welcome to Processed Recordings v2.0

Processed Recordings is currently undergoing a make over to become a netlabel with (mostly) free content.

We will still focus on electronic and improvised music coming from The Netherlands, but releases will be downloadable for free. Audio will be available in mp3 and most importantly in lossless flac format!

We will re-release old releases (UNGRUND) and a brand new release by Neon & Landa is almost good to go.