Original electronic and improvised music from The Netherlands

Neon & Landa

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Neon & Landa – Protostar

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Protostar is the first album of the sound art duo Neon & Landa.

Neon & Landa research musical forms with a bottom-up approach.
Finding new forms for instruments, redefining playing techniques while pushing the bounderies of improvisational and compositional thinking.

Their experimental use of materials and electronics leads to the creation of sound installations, sculptures, instruments and unconventional music.

1. Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking (flac / mp3)

2. Event Horizon (flac / mp3)

3. Hubble (flac / mp3)

4. Accretion Disc (flac / mp3)

5. Symmetry Restored (flac / mp3)

Processed Recordings V2.0

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Welcome to Processed Recordings v2.0

Processed Recordings is currently undergoing a make over to become a netlabel with (mostly) free content.

We will still focus on electronic and improvised music coming from The Netherlands, but releases will be downloadable for free. Audio will be available in mp3 and most importantly in lossless flac format!

We will re-release old releases (UNGRUND) and a brand new release by Neon & Landa is almost good to go.