Original electronic and improvised music from The Netherlands

U N G R U N D – Lullian Circle

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The Third Cycle remixed

Lullian Circle revolves around one simple idea: what happens with Ungrund in other people’s artistic blender.

Eight artist friends took the original “The Third Cycle” album and were free to transform it any way they wanted and to add their own input in the process.

The result is a fantastic album that shows a great variety in style, processing and intensity.

1. Unintro unmix GJOID (flac/mp3)
2. Gatekeeper Thijs Scheele (flac/mp3)
3. 48 impact hypotheses Alo Allik (flac/mp3)
4. Het nieuwe boven Dave Krooshof (flac/mp3)
5. Insect out Keir Neuringer (flac/mp3)
6. Burnished Kosmob0t (flac/mp3)
7. Unstorm unmix GJOID (flac/mp3)
8. Accidental order DogOvBabylon (flac/mp3)
9. Jesus Camp Dead Skull (flac/mp3)