Original electronic and improvised music from The Netherlands

The FIRST release: U N G R U N D – The Third Cycle

Time for the first release!

It’s available for download in lossless .flac files or lossy mp3. Pick what you like best!

U N G R U N D – The Third Cycle

1. Burnished   (flac / mp3)

2. Blue Swarm (flac / mp3)

3. Pre-Cycle (flac / mp3)

4. The Third Cycle At Lagrange Point (flac / mp3)

5 . Spectral Winter Part I (flac /mp3)

6. Spectral Winter Part II (flac / mp3)

Front Cover / Back Cover

Actually it’s technically a re-release, but technicalities don’t matter to Ungrund.

Ungrund is not distinguished by any clarity of precision, such as is characteristic to a concept.

UNGRUND came into being out of the unreasonable, the uncalculable, the surrealistic and the plain beastly side of the human spirit. Ungrund, as pure potency, is irrational and free. Out of it is born God. Since God does not create irrational freedom, He has no power over it and is not responsible for it. And it is irrational freedom which gives birth to music. It does this by violating the proper hierarchy of the world. Ungrund is a primordial meonic freedom, indeterminate even by God.

Ungrund is the Nothing, the groundless eye of eternity, yet together with this it is will, without foundation, unfathomable and indeterminate will. Ungrund is neither light, nor darkness, neither good, nor evil.

U N G R U N D is:

Ernst van der Loo: Max/MSP, Doepfer Analog Modular, Effectpedals & Clavia Micromodular

Léon Spek: Radioscillators, Supercollider & Effectpedals

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